49ers lead Packers 24-20 at halftime

49ers lead Packers 24-20 at halftime


49ers lead Packers 24-20 at halftime

Posted by Charean Williams on October 15, 2018, 9:53 PM EDT

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Who saw this coming?

The Packers were expected to roll the 49ers, and when they went up 17-7, they appeared on their way. But C.J. Beathard has had something to say.

Beathard had an almost perfect passer rating in the first half, leading the 49ers to a surprising 24-20 halftime advantage over Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

The teams have combined for 547 yards, with San Francisco gaining 290 with only one punt. If not for two turnovers, the 49ers might have an even bigger lead.

Beathard went 9-of-12 for 182 yards, two touchdowns and a 156.2 passer rating. Marquise Goodwin has caught three passes for 114 yards and two touchdowns. His scores covered 67 and 30 yards.

Raheem Mostert has five carries for 52 yards, and Matt Breida has 37 yards and a touchdown on eight carries.

Rodgers went 11-for-20 for 222 yards and a touchdown.

Although the Packers have only two punts and no turnovers, they are 0-for-5 on third down.

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49ers take lead 21-20

49ers take lead 21-20


49ers take lead 21-20

Posted by Charean Williams on October 15, 2018, 9:32 PM EDT

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The 49ers were left for dead down 17-7, but don’t look now, they lead 21-20 late in the second quarter.

Marquise Goodwin already is over 100 yards, catching his second touchdown pass to give San Francisco the lead with 6:05 remaining in the first half. He has three catches for 114 yards, with his touchdowns covering 67 and 30 yards.

The teams have combined for 520 yards already.

C.J. Beathard is 8-of-9 for 172 yards and two touchdowns.

Aaron Rodgers is 11-of-18 for 222 yards and a touchdown, with Jimmy Graham catching two passes for 68 yards.

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Steven Adams on Paul George: ‘I Just Show Up and Whoever’s on the Team, Cool’

From left, Oklahoma City Thunder's Paul George (13), Russell Westbrook (0) and Steven Adams (12), pose for a photo during an NBA basketball media day in Oklahoma City, Monday, Sept. 24, 2018. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

Sue Ogrocki/Associated Press

The Oklahoma City Thunder have been a part of some of the biggest offseason moves in the NBA over the past few years, but none of it seems to matter to Steven Adams. 

The center explained that he was one of the last to find out that Paul George re-signed with the team in July.

“I don’t keep up with that s–t, mate,” Adams said, per Rob Mahoney of Sports Illustrated. “I’m f–king terrible. I just show up and whoever’s on the team, cool.”

While George and Russell Westbrook were smoking cigars in celebration, Adams was likely out of the loop in New Zealand.

It’s probably nice not to be tied down to social media, especially during the offseason with non-stop rumors floating about where the top free agents are going. On the other hand, it’s a wonder Adams even knows Kevin Durant, Serge Ibaka and James Harden have left the Thunder.

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Manny Machado called for interference with Orlando Arcia

Manny Machado called for interference with Orlando Arcia


The Dodgers and Brewers were locked in a scoreless tie in the top of the fourth inning in Game 2 of the NLCS on Saturday. Manny Machado came to the plate with the bases empty and two outs, working the count to 3-0 against Wade Miley. Machado then grounded a 3-0 change-up into the hole between third base and shortstop. Fans watching at home saw Arcia take his time, crow hop, and fire to first base. Then it became obvious why he took his time: Machado wasn’t running hard.

Machado, unsurprisingly, was pilloried for the infraction. Manager Dave Roberts, however, doesn’t see any reason to punish his star player while his team attempts to get back to the World Series, MLB.com’s Ken Gurnick and Todd Zolecki report. Roberts said, “I know that he’s doing a lot of things to help us win games. I don’t feel a need to have to address it. Some guys do that and take it, ‘I’m going to run so hard because I’m so mad.’ He’s guilty of going the other way. I don’t think it’s a disrespect to his teammates.” Roberts added, “There’s no perfect player. A guy that posts every inning is hard to come by these days. For me, the net, it’s not even close.”

In part thanks to Machado, who walked and scored his team’s second run in the seventh inning, the Dodgers went on to win 4-3 over the Brewers in Game 2. Machado had two hits — a solo home run and a two-run single — in Game 1 and has overall posted a .909 OPS in six games this postseason.

Hustling is a huge issue for old school players and fans, but Roberts is showing that the newer school doesn’t value hustling nearly as highly. And for good reason — almost all of the time, hustling won’t make a difference. To use a poker term, hustling on every play is negative EV (expected value). Sure, one percent of the time Machado runs hard, he puts pressure on the defender who misplays the ball and/or makes a poor throw. Sometimes the variables align just right — batted ball speed and placement, for instance — and he beats the throw without any defensive misplay. For the other 99 percent of the time, however, hustling has no impact and risks Machado suffering an injury like a pulled hamstring, a torn ACL, or a ruptured Achilles tendon.

We don’t know exactly what Machado’s thought process was, but he might have also been considering the fact that he’s an upcoming free agent once the postseason is over. If he tweaks his hammy running out a routine grounder, he could cost himself millions of dollars. It’s easy for us to budget money we’ll never have and say, “You already have millions, what’s $20 million more?” but if I had the realization that a torn ACL or Achilles could shave millions of dollars off of my next contract, I’d jog real slow to first base, too. Even in the playoffs.

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Packers, 49ers in high-scoring affair, with Green Bay up 17-14

Packers, 49ers in high-scoring affair, with Green Bay up 17-14


Packers, 49ers in high-scoring affair, with Green Bay up 17-14

Posted by Charean Williams on October 15, 2018, 9:08 PM EDT

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The Packers and 49ers combined to score 31 points in the first quarter.

Green Bay has scored on all three possessions, one of which followed a San Francisco turnover, to take a 17-14 lead.

After the Packers matched the 49ers’ initial touchdown, D.J. Reed fumbled the kickoff. James Crawford recovered for the Packers at the San Francisco 34.

The Packers converted with a 23-yard field goal from Mason Crosby, who missed five kicks last week but kept his job.

It appeared the Packers were pulling away when they went 79 yards in five plays on their third possession of the first quarter as Aaron Rodgers hit Davante Adams for a 9-yard touchdown. It gave Green Bay a 17-7 lead with 1:58 remaining in the first period.

C.J. Beathard, though, answered with a 67-yard touchdown throw to Marquise Goodwin.

Beathard went 5-for-6 for 118 yards and a touchdown in the first quarter. Rodgers was 6-of-9 for 170 yards and a touchdown.

Goodwin has two catches for 84 yards and a touchdown.

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Ex-Hernandez teammates describe odd behavior

Ex-Hernandez teammates describe odd behavior


Some of Aaron Hernandez’s former New England Patriots teammates described his behavior during his last season with the team as erratic and troubling, according to an investigative series by The Boston Globe.

“There would be swings where he’d be the most hyper-masculine, aggressive individual in the room, where he’d be ready to fight somebody in fits of rage,” said former Patriots receiver Brandon Lloyd. “Or he’d be the most sensitive person in the room, talking about cuddling with his mother. Or he’d ask me, ‘Do you think I’m good enough to play?’ ”

The comments by Lloyd and others — as well as text messages obtained by The Globe’s Spotlight team for a six-part series — are the first extensive views from teammates of the troubled Hernandez in his last season with the team in 2012. Hernandez would eventually be convicted for the June 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd. He committed suicide in prison last year.

Lloyd recalled that Hernandez said he would “f— up” fellow receiver Wes Welker during that 2012 training camp, after Welker had teased the tight end about needing help in the film room, according to the report.

That led to Welker offering a warning to Lloyd.

“He is looking at me wide-eyed,” Lloyd recalled of Welker, “and he says, ‘I just want to warn you that (Hernandez) is going to talk about being bathed by his mother. He’s going to have his genitalia out in front of you while you’re sitting on your stool. He’s going to talk about gay sex. Just do your best to ignore it. Even walk away.’ ”

The report also notes that star quarterback Tom Brady had once told Tim Tebow that he was trying to watch over Tebow’s former Florida teammates Hernandez and linebacker Brandon Spikes, but that they were “a lot to handle”.

Lloyd gave an example of one time when Brady had had enough of Hernandez, who was causing a disruption during a walkthrough practice.

“(Hernandez) was out at the walkthrough in flip-flops trying to run around,” Lloyd said. “He was laughing. He was loud. And Tom keeps it serious in the walkthrough. And Tom says, ‘Shut the f— up. Get the f— out of here.’ ”

Lloyd said the change in Hernandez’s mood was instantaneous.

“It was like he went from this child-like, laughing, disruptive behavior,” Lloyd said, “and he storms off in a fit of rage.”

Former Patriots linebacker Dane Fletcher, who like Hernandez was a rookie with the team in 2010, said he and Hernandez had a volatile relationship from the start, exchanging both insults and punches.

Fletcher told The Globe that one day Hernandez confronted him in the locker room, laughing at him “like the Joker in Batman” and reminding Fletcher how much he disliked him.

Fletcher cursed at Hernandez, who responded by saying, “But here’s the deal. I respect you.” Fletcher said, “I started laughing because for once he was the bigger man than me. That broke the shield between us.”

But Fletcher also said it was apparent to him and other players that the presence of Hernandez’s ex-convict friends from Bristol, Connecticut, was a red flag.

“I knew they were trouble,” Fletcher said. “Everybody kind of did.”

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