The time Lou Williams’ teammates paid him $15K to drink six-pack on short bus ride

The time Lou Williams’ teammates paid him $15K to drink six-pack on short bus ride

When jumping straight from high school to the 2005 NBA draft, Lou Williams said, “The second round is not an option.”

The 76ers drafted him in the middle of the second round.

That left Williams with a relatively low $450,000 salary. But on a Philadelphia team with veterans Allen Iverson, Chris Webber and Matt Barnes, a teenage Williams found a way to supplement his income.

Williams on All The Smoke:

I know it was on the West Coast.


We made a bet that he had to drink a six-pack.


I didn’t drink at the time.


He didn’t drink. He was fresh out of high school.


I was a kid.


Stayed to himself, quiet.


How much money you get?


Fifteen thousand.


Bet he couldn’t drink a six-pack on the bus ride, right? It was quick, though. It was a quick ride.


They said I couldn’t drink a six-pack of beer before we got on the plane for 15 grand. I downed them b—es.


That motherf—er killed it. But he was so wet that we almost got a little worried. Like, “Damn, what the f—? How are we going to carry Lou?” He kind of had his arm slumped on AI’s shoulder, and then me and C-Webb was kind of in front.


I never drank.


He was still there, but he was – He handled himself well, but he was f—ed up. You know what I mean? So we had to kind of camouflage his ass up onto the plane.


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December 3, 2019 at 10:54AM

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