Could Philip Rivers be headed to the bench?

Could Philip Rivers be headed to the bench?

Could Philip Rivers be headed to the bench?

Posted by Mike Florio on December 1, 2019, 10:47 AM EST

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It’s become a foregone conclusion that Philip Rivers won’t be the Chargers starting quarterback when they co-christen their new stadium. The next question is whether he’ll still be the team’s starting quarterback when they leave their current stadium.

With seven interceptions in his last two games, a continuation of Rivers’ currently poor play “could” result in a benching, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL. That’s a fairly obvious conclusion. No quarterback who is coughing up picks at an average rate of 3.5 per game will keep his job indefinitely, no matter who he is. But what would the trigger be to get the Chargers to pull Rivers?

“I don’t plan on having to make that decision,” coach Anthony Lynn said this week, via Rapoport. “I plan on us going and playing our tails off this weekend and getting back in that win column. . . . Most great athletes, they respond well. I believe Philip is going to respond well.”

If he doesn’t, it could be time for Tyrod Taylor to make his case for being an option at quarterback in 2020, for the Chargers or someone else. Really, once the decision is made that Rivers won’t be back, why not see what Taylor can do?

What Rivers can’t do has become painfully obvious through a pair of prime-time games that have showcased the limitations of an L.A. team that can’t sell nearly enough tickets for its new stadium. And while it’s never easy to cut the cord on a long-term franchise quarterback, the clock is ticking loudly; the only question left is when the alarm will blare.

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December 1, 2019 at 07:48AM

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