Man City’s Pep Guardiola & Juventus: Gabriele Marcotti analyses the bizarre conspiracy theory

Man City’s Pep Guardiola & Juventus: Gabriele Marcotti analyses the bizarre conspiracy theory

Juventus & Chelsea’s Maurizio Sarri

By all accounts this is the week in which Maurizio Sarri will complete his move from Chelsea to Juventus.

Juve are in need of a new manager after Max Allegri’s exit from Turin.

Sarri, who just won his first major trophy after Chelsea beat Arsenal, appears certain to be appointed at the Allianz Stadium.

Yet, rumours have been rife this summer about Juve signing Man City’s Pep Guardiola instead.

Man City’s Pep Guardiola & Juventus

Indeed, according to Agi Agenzia Italia – one of the major Italian news agencies – Guardiola was supposed to be appointed as the Juve manager on June 4.

It was reported that Guardiola would sign a four year deal in Turin.

Moreover, it was claimed that Pep will be paid 24 million euros a season with Juve.

While Agi Agenzia Italia also announced that Juventus will officially present Guardiola to the media on Friday, June 14.

To be clear, none of this has materialised.

While Guardiola has previously made it crystal clear he has no intention of leaving Man City for Juve.

Gabriele Marcotti: Where did the Guardiola & Juventus transfer rumour come from?

In the most recent episode of the Golazzo podcast (listen below), journalist Gabriele Marcotti has delved into the Guardiola, Juventus rumour.

Marcotti’s starting point was to flag up the updates from Luca Momblano, who was described as being on the “fringes” of the mainstream media.

Who is Luca Momblano? He’s a reporter who has previously been the first to break the news that Cristiano Ronaldo would leave Real Madrid for Juventus.

Luca Momblano also correctly broke the news of Allegri’s Juve exit.

Momblano has also been pushing the ‘Guardiola to Juve’ rumours this summer.

Guardiola’s wife Cristina Serra has been in Italy recently

Marcotti continued to confirm that Pep Guardiola’s wife, Cristina Serra, has recently been in Italy.

Indeed, Cristina Serra confirmed her trip to Italy on social media.

That sparked rumours that Guardiola’s wife had leased a Maserati for one year.

To be clear, the Maserati lease story is unconfirmed.

Nevertheless, that prompted many to wonder ‘why would she do that?’ Is it a sign that the Guardiola’s are moving to Italy?

Conspiracy theories behind the Guardiola & Juventus rumours

Marcotti then dove into two conspiracy theories related to the Guardiola and Juventus rumours.

The first relates to tax.

Italian tax laws are about to change significantly. In an effort to bring former taxpayers back to Italy, anyone who has previously paid tax in the country for two years and the left, can now return at a fixed 30% tax rate on their income.

To be clear, Guardiola has previously paid Italian tax during his days at Brescia and Roma.

Putting two and two together to get five, the belief is Guardiola is keen to leave Man City for Juve for financial reasons.

The second conspiracy theory floating around Guardiola-Juve rumour relates to UEFA’s FFP laws.

Man City are under investigation right now for potential breaching UEFA’s Financial Fair Play rules.

Whether Man City are charged remains to be seen.

However, a key protagonist in the UEFA investigation into Man City could be Juve chairman Andrea Agnelli. Marcotti explained:

Andrea Agnelli is on the UEFA executive committee. Another Italian guy, Michele Uva, who is presented in the media as Agnelli’s mate, he’s a UEFA vice-president who oversees UEFA’s the EXCO committee who write the Financial Fair Play relegulations.

So the plan is that Andrea and Uva chuck Manchester City out of Europe. And so Pep has a clause in his contract with Man City that he can supposedly leave if they don’t qualify for Europe.

Look, they are out of Europe. So Pep can join Juventus without compensation.

Holes in the conspiracy theory

Marcotti has then picked apart the conspiracy theories to highlight why they make little sense.

Firstly, there’s the timing issue.

Juve need a coach now, while there’s little (or no) chance that Man City will be banned from competing in the Champions League in 2019-20.

To be clear, even if City are banned by UEFA, the Sky Blues will be able to appeal that decision.

And then Marcotti turned to Juve’s share price to highlight another red flag:

There’s always been something weird with Juventus’s share price.

If you look at the volume of trading of Juventus – the number of people who buy and sell Juventus shares every day relative to other listed clubs like Manchester United or Borussia Dortmund – is absolutely enormous.

For whatever reason, Juve’s share price gets day traded more than any other. 

One of the conspiracies is that there are people out there fuelling this, who have bought a bunch of Juve shares who want to sell at it’s peak and then maybe short the price when Pep doesn’t come.

Listen to the Golazzo podcast

The analysis of Juventus and Man City’s Pep Guardioa can be heard at the start of the audio unit below.

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Chelsea & Juventus: Maurizio Sarri’s transfer timetable & price tag revealed.

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