Chargers “receptive” to trading out of first round

Chargers “receptive” to trading out of first round

Chargers “receptive” to trading out of first round

Posted by Charean Williams on April 22, 2019, 11:16 PM EDT

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The Chargers hold the 28th overall choice. History says they will get calls from a team with a high second-round choice looking to move back into the first round.

Are the Chargers open to moving back?

“It would be the same with every draft: We’re always receptive to it,” General Manager Tom Telesco said, via the team website. “We go through a lot of different scenarios as far as trading back, trading up and staying put. There’s never been a year where I’d ever say that we would definitely not trade up or definitely not trade back. We’d certainly be receptive to it. . . .If you did trade out of the first round, ideally you wouldn’t want to go too far back into the second round. A lot of that is dictated by what your board looks like at that point. A lot of those trades are going to happen on the clock, so we would know who’s available, who’s left. If we move back, how far could we go and try to make an estimation if we go back to a certain point, could we still get a player that we really like. It’s great to pick up extra picks, but also I want to make sure whoever we take with that first pick — whether it’s a first-round pick or we trade back into the second — it’s a player that we really, really love, not just a guy that we like but we got an extra draft pick to go along with it. I want a player that we really like, we’re all invested in — scouts, coaches, everybody in the building.”

The Chargers drafted safety Derwin James in the first round last year. They don’t expect to get a player of James’ ability this year. Not drafting 28th. Which makes the possibility of moving back into the second round a possibility.

“I don’t think anybody would ever have 28 players rated as first-round players,” Telesco said. “I know we don’t. . . .It’s just different picking 28th rather than in the top 15, top 17. I don’t know what the expectations will be Year One. It may not be to come in and play like Derwin James did. It’s pretty amazing what he did.”

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April 22, 2019 at 08:21PM


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