Nick Foles gets his basketball fix at home

Nick Foles gets his basketball fix at home

Nick Foles gets his basketball fix at home

Posted by Darin Gantt on April 17, 2019, 6:41 AM EDT

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Quarterbacks playing basketball has been a bit of a sensitive topic this offseason.

But new Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles will hopefully be able to avoid danger on the court at his new home in Jacksonville.

“For me, since growing up as a kid, I wanted a basketball goal and a little bit of a sport court, and that’s what I got,” Foles said via John Reid of the Florida Times-Union. ″I’ve always wanted that. . . .

I’m going to be very safe on it.”

The Chiefs made it a point to remind Patrick Mahomes that playing pickup games at the local gym was a no-no, but Foles shooting in his backyard ought to be OK.

He said he can still dunk, and he has a solid basketball background, as a three-year starter in high school who had recruiting interest from big Division I schools such as Arizona and Georgetown. But he stuck with football, a decision that worked out for him and the Eagles.

“I was all right back in the day. I’m 30 now,” he said. “I can still shoot; my jumping legs are not as good as they used to be. But I’m sure with this [Jaguars] strength trainer, they’re going come back quickly.”

Hopefully, he’s able to get a little bounce out of the Jaguars as a whole, as they brought him in to reverse the 5-11 disappointment that came after their AFC Championship Game run the year before.

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via ProFootballTalk

April 17, 2019 at 03:45AM


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