Arsenal on pace for a points total that used to win league titles

Arsenal on pace for a points total that used to win league titles

Watford 0 – Arsenal

Arsenal scored a huge win at Watford on Monday night in the Premier League.

For the first time all season, Arsenal kept a clean sheet away from home.

The timing of the clean sheet is key, as Arsenal still have three more away matches before the end of the season.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored the winner for Arsenal early on when he closed down a Ben Foster attempted clearance.

Troy Deeney saw red for Watford soon after.

The win lift Arsenal into fourth in the division on 66 points from 33 games.

Arsenal’s projected points total

On the Game podcast from the Times this week, Gabriele Marcotti revealed that Arsenal are on pace to total 75 points in the Premier League this season.

Writing in print, Marcotti fleshed out the significance of Arsenal’s probable points tally in relation to the disparity of power in the rest of the top flight:

We have reflected plenty on the gap in resources and the polarisation in the game. Some leagues have more super clubs than others, but the competitive imbalance remains.

Arsenal are sixth in the Premier League, yet their projected points total would have been enough to finish first or second for much of the 1980s and 1990s.

We now have situations where teams can drop nine or ten regulars, hand out a bunch of debuts and still compete away from home against sides from the same division. We take it for granted that super clubs exist and they stomp all over most of the opposition.

Diving into the Arsenal stats a bit deeper, if the Gunners do achieve 75 points that would have won two league titles as recently as the 90s.

Listen to more on this topic after 11 minutes on the audio unite below.

Where have the draws gone?

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April 16, 2019 at 03:06AM


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