Stoke’s James McClean taunts FA after QPR abuse inaction

Stoke’s James McClean taunts FA after QPR abuse inaction

QPR fans vs Stoke’s James McClean

Last weekend in the Championship, QPR held Stoke City to a 0-0 draw at Loftus Road.

After the match, a video went viral on social media of abuse aimed at Stoke’s James McClean.

McClean, an Irish international, was the victim of an appalling verbal assault from some QPR fans.

McClean was attacked for not wearing a poppy. The verbal assault had a tribal and nationalistic tone.

Everyone knows that McClean doesn’t wear the poppy for political reasons.

QPR fans were heard screaming “where’s your poppy” at the Stoke midfielder.

The QPR fans also called McClean a series of disgraceful names.

To his credit, McClean didn’t react to the abuse.

James McClean taunts the FA

While James McClean kept quiet on the pitch, the Stoke midfielder has since taken to social media to have his say on events at QPR.

McClean appears furious that the FA have done nothing in reaction to the abuse.

The Stoke midfielder wrote on Twitter:

FA, I am going to just start giving abus[e] back in whatever form I like and you’ll do nothing, just like you’s are are doing every-time this occurs, otherwise that “for all” on your logo would look very hypocritical and stupid, thanks hi.

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March 13, 2019 at 03:56AM


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