Longtime Jaguars TE wants Fournette to stay, less positive about Bortles

Longtime Jaguars TE wants Fournette to stay, less positive about Bortles


Longtime Jaguars TE wants Fournette to stay, less positive about Bortles

Posted by Darin Gantt on February 14, 2019, 6:01 AM EST

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Marcedes Lewis spent 12 years with the Jaguars, and eventually wants to end up back there. So it’s natural for him to have opinions about some former teammates.

As it pertains to running back Leonard Fournette, he’s hoping things have been smoothed over. As it pertains to quarterback Blake Bortles, he’s hoping the skids have been greased for an imminent exit.

After speaking on Fournette’s situation, Lewis was asked by TMZ (via the Florida Times-Union) about Bortles’ future.

″That’s a different situation,″ Lewis said. ″When Blake was there, he obviously did the best he could. I have a lot of respect for Blake and that’s a decision that’s going have to be made upstairs.″

Even though he’s from California, Lewis has obviously spent enough time in the South to drop a “bless his heart” on someone from time to time, a phrase that sounds nice but usually carries a much sharper meaning.

He was more hopeful about the running back patching things back up, after Fournette was suspended and the team took the extreme step of voiding his guarantees. He’s challenging that, though he and coach Doug Marrone have cleared the air and Marrone declared him to be in a “really good place.

″The way they are structured and the way they do their thing, it’s always about running the ball first,″ Lewis said. ″I think Leonard is an amazing running back. He’s young and has some things to work on, but they should keep him.″

If they are indeed on the same page, Fournette can be part of the solution. Bortles, on the other hand, may not get another chance to do his best in Jacksonville.

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via ProFootballTalk http://bit.ly/2EDTj2t

February 14, 2019 at 03:06AM


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