The NBA All-Star Game Should Choose the Top-24 Players Period, Says Howard Beck

  1. 15 Years Ago, LeBron, Wade and Melo Took Over All-Star Weekend

  2. 14 Years Ago, Iverson Dropped Career-High 60 Points

  3. The Kyrie and LeBron Bromance Is Back!

  4. Bats Have Become an Unexpected Attraction at Spurs Games

  5. KD Giving Back to His Hometown with Durant Center

  6. Four Years Ago, Klay Drops Record 37 Pts in One Quarter

  7. Remembering the Night Kobe Scored 81 Points

  8. Happy 37th Birthday Dwyane Wade

  9. Steph Is a Few Shots Away from NBA 3-Point History

  10. Can Harden Keep His Dominance Going?

  11. Steph Gifts Fan Who Asked for Girls UA Kicks with New Curry 6s

  12. Happy 34th Birthday to LeBron 👑

  13. 4 Years Ago, Kobe Passed Jordan on the NBA Scoring List

  14. Drummond and Embiid Reignite Rivalry

  15. Happy 24th Birthday to Giannis Antetokounmpo

  16. D-Rose Turned Back the Clock and Put Up 50

  17. Dubs Trolled Fergie So Hard It Became a Challenge

  18. CP3-Rondo Blowup Was a Long Time Coming

  19. NBA Let Players Know They Have to Cover Branded Tattoos

  20. The NBA Is Back and the Soccer World Is Pumped

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Rudy Gobert are considered “snubs” for the NBA All-Star Game. The All-Star format means 12 players must come from each conference, but the West is stronger than the East. Watch the video above for why Howard Beck says the NBA should just select the 24 best players, period.

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February 13, 2019 at 11:24AM


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