Cardinals owner: We have to “build around the foundation that we have”

Cardinals owner: We have to “build around the foundation that we have”

Cardinals owner: We have to “build around the foundation that we have”

Posted by Darin Gantt on February 12, 2019, 10:27 AM EST

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There’s suddenly a quarterback in this year’s draft who is declaring himself totally committed to football, and there’s a certain coach who has already said he’d take that quarterback first overall, and he just happens to work for the team with the first pick.

Those dots don’t necessarily have to connect.

While Kyler Murray speculation is going to run rampant now that he’s pledged himself to football, Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill indicated this morning his preference might be to build his team around last year’s first-rounder — quarterback Josh Rosen.

“Josh is a smart guy, he’s been around and he’s seen what happens year in and year out,” Bidwill said during an interview on 98.7 Arizona Sports. “There’s always a lot of speculation that turns out to not be true.

“But moving forward, we’re going to continue to build this team and build around the foundation that we have.”

Of course, it’s not just a coincidence that people might connect Murray and new Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury, since Kingbury said when he was just the coach of a bad college team about to play Murray’s team that if he had the top pick he’d take Murray.

Bidwill joked that such speculation wasn’t bad for business, and would keep tongues wagging until April. But he also pointed out that when Kingsbury interviewed for the job, one of his priorities was watching tape of Rosen and discussing a plan of action for him with General Manager Steve Keim and scout Adrian Wilson.

“Of all the coaches, he was the only one to say, ‘Bring the tape, we’re going to break down the tape,’ ” Bidwill said.

Of course, if there’s a land rush for Murray and they’re truly committed to Rosen, the Cardinals would benefit from a healthy trade market. Otherwise, Bidwill outlined what he’d be looking for in a top pick.

“They’ve got to be an incredible athlete on the field,” Bidwill said. “You want somebody, especially with the number one pick, that you can look at and say, ‘This person is going to be here for 8-to-10 years and be an anchor at their position and be a real leader in our organization.

“It’s where the heart is and where the head is. Are they playing the game for money, or are they playing the game because they love the game? That’s the kind of person you want with your first-round pick.”

And while that might not have anything to do with Murray, the Cardinals can’t afford to get another offseason wrong after going 3-13.

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February 12, 2019 at 07:30AM

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