To thrive, the AAF needs star players

To thrive, the AAF needs star players

To thrive, the AAF needs star players

Posted by Mike Florio on February 11, 2019, 11:42 AM EST


The Alliance of American Football has generated plenty of interest, thanks to the curiosity factor. If the AAF hopes to thrive, however, it needs star power.

To get there, the AAF can hope that it will cultivate stars organically, which may or may not happen. Alternatively, the AAF can hire players that have acquired star status elsewhere.

So which star player would get you to plan the weekend around watching his team play? It’s a question posed earlier today on Twitter, generating more than 500 responses, many of which were real — and many of which weren’t.

The most common real response pointed to Colin Kaepernick. Although the AAF has never ruled out signing Kaepernick, there’s no evidence that the AAF has ever pursued him. While there’s no reason to think Kaepernick would accept the standard three-year, $250,000 contract with the AAF, the AAF could deviate from its standard compensation package, if it wants to.

Look at the attendance (lack thereof) in Arizona on Sunday night. If Kaepernick were playing for the Hotshots, there definitely wouldn’t be fewer fans in attendance.

Tim Tebow also received plenty of suggestions, but he supposedly has already declined an invitation to play for Steve Spurrier in Orlando. Johnny Manziel’s name also came up, but he’s currently committed to the CFL.

Other interesting names: Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, Tony Romo, Chad Kelly, Trevor Lawrence (the AAF has said it will adhere to the NFL’s three-year rule), Aldon Smith. Tongue-in-cheek suggestions included Brett Favre, Jerry Rice, Jared Lorenzen.

Regardless, the league will need more (any) sizzle to survive, and to thrive. While NFL fans will tune in for uniforms, helmets, and logos, the AAF is a long, long way from that. To build in that direction, the AAF needs stars.

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February 11, 2019 at 08:42AM


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