How Graeme Souness criticised Paul Pogba after Tottenham

How Graeme Souness criticised Paul Pogba after Tottenham

Paul Pogba vs Tottenham

Paul Pogba continued to impress for Man United on Sunday against Tottenham.

Yet again Pogba played a key role in the critical moment of the match.

Chalking up his fourth assist since Jose Mourinho’s exit, Pogba released Marcus Rashford with a perfect through-ball.

Rashford, full of confidence, drilled a shot past Hugo Lloris for the winner.

Pogba was deployed in an attacking role for Man United at Wembley, and the Frenchman thrived in that position.

Aside from his assist, Pogba had two close attempts in the second half.


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What a win ! Great team performance .. @d_degeaofficial don’t know what to say really 🤷🏾‍♂️😉🤣

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Graeme Souness: Paul Pogba isn’t Andrea Pirlo

It’s long been meme fodder.

Graeme Souness is widely regarded as a Paul Pogba hater, following repeated and continuous criticism of the World Cup winner.

Souness was a pundit on Sky Sports on Sunday for the Tottenham game.

In analysing Pogba’s performance vs Spurs, it felt like Souness couldn’t stop himself from attacking the midfielder.

While he paid some compliments for Sunday’s show, Souness also picked Pogba apart for not being Andrea Pirlo.

What Graeme Souness said about Pogba & Pirlo

For two years now I’ve been saying the same thing. When I look at a game of football, I look at a midfielder first. Then I wonder, would I have liked to of played against him?

I would not have liked to have played against him [Pogba] doing what he did in the first half and doing what he did in the first half against Bournemouth.

I don’t want him running into my box and I’ve got to track back and run with him. I think there’s a real, real player in there. Someone who has every bit of equipment needed to be a top midfield player of the attacking sense right now.

I think he sees himself, having spent time with Pirlo in Turin, as someone who wants to sit deep and play Hollywood balls.

He hasn’t got a sixth sense like a good defensive midfield player has, standing still on occasion, filling areas on occasion and not being attracted to the ball on occasion.

Go back to the Bournemouth game. In the first half he was sensational, he arrived late and tapped the first one in and arrived late with a header.

What did he do in the second half? He reverted to type where he sat back deep and tried to spray it that way and that way. Five or six times the ball went out of play. He wanted to be that type of Pirlo player and he has the potential to be one of the very best out there.

Watch the Graeme Souness video

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