West Ham’s ‘disloyal, anti-hero’s hero’ Marko Arnautovic compared to Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey

West Ham’s ‘disloyal, anti-hero’s hero’ Marko Arnautovic compared to Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey


West Ham’s Marko Arnautovic & Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey

David Walsh, the chief sports writer for the Sunday Times, has used his weekly column to compare West Ham’s Marko Arnautovic and Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey.

By the looks of it, both Arnautovic and Ramsey maybe leaving their London employers soon.

Arnautovic is thought to want to leave West Ham for a move to China.

Ramsey is out of contract this summer at Arsenal. No agreement between the sides have been reached, and the midfielder is poised to leave as a free agent.

Should Arnautovic and Ramsey move on, both players are set to major pay-hikes.

Yet, according to Walsh, while Arnautovic should be criticised for leaving West Ham for financial reasons, Ramsey’s situation is different.

Arnautovic: Disloyal & an anti-hero’s hero

David Walsh rips into Arnautovic for his desire to move to China.

Indeed, the headline of the article is: “Marko Arnautovic’s proposed move to China shows that money talks louder than loyalty in today’s game. West Ham deserved better from their talisman”.

When it came to descriptions of the Austrian international, Arnautovic was labelled “an anti-hero’s hero. But he does not seem to care that much for the club.”

It’s a rather harsh description of Arnautovic, who is 29 and has impressed for much of his time at West Ham.

Who wouldn’t leave their job if they were offered the opportunity to triple their salary?

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Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey

Yet when it comes to comparing Arnautovic to Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey, David Walsh believes there’s a distinction.

Of course, by joining a club as a free agent, Ramsey will scoop up a much-enhanced pay-packet.

But the claim is that, unlike Arnautovic, Ramsey isn’t being motivated by money:

Wherever he goes, the decision should not be influenced by the salary he will be paid. He only has to think about what became of Alexis Sanchez after his move to Manchester United.

Ramsey needs to move to a team with a winning culture, to an environment where he will have to play his best to survive.

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