Kamu Grugier-Hill apologizes to Doug Pederson, Eagles

Kamu Grugier-Hill apologizes to Doug Pederson, Eagles


Kamu Grugier-Hill apologizes to Doug Pederson, Eagles

Posted by Charean Williams on December 7, 2018, 9:19 PM EST

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Kamu Grugier-Hill has received more publicity this week than he has his entire career combined. Everyone — even Dak Prescott — now knows who the Eagles linebacker is after Grugier-Hill disparaged the Cowboys.

Grugier-Hill called the Cowboys chokers in an interview with NBC Sports Philadelphia earlier this week.

On Friday, he apologized to the Eagles, though not to the Cowboys, for his comment.

It’s a rivalry game. I didn’t think too much about it,” Grugier-Hill said, via Les Bowen of philly.com. “Obviously, I didn’t mean to disrespect this organization or Doug Pederson. I’ve just got a lot of confidence in our guys, confidence in myself, going into this game and we’re ready to play.”

Two days ago, Grugier-Hill said, “Look at Dallas’ history. They always choke, so we’ll go down there and make them choke.”

It’s debatable whether the quote fell more flat in Dallas or at the NovaCare Complex. Pederson and Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz both distanced themselves from Grugier-Hill’s comment.

It’s unfortunate that the comments were made,” Pederson said this week after talking to Grugier-Hill. “I talk to the team a lot about how we don’t need to post anything that can be used on [an opponent’s] web site or bulletin board. It’s unfortunate that happened. We still have to go play. They have to play. It’s going to be a good football game.”

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December 7, 2018 at 06:21PM


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