Stan Collymore reveals how he’d physically hurt Jose Mourinho if he called him a virus

Stan Collymore reveals how he’d physically hurt Jose Mourinho if he called him a virus

Stan Collymore on Jose Mourinho

Writing in his weekly column in the Mirror, Stan Collymore has laid into Man United boss Jose Mourinho.

The thrust of Collymore’s not-so-hot take is that Mourinho isn’t doing well at Old Trafford.

Against the obvious fact that Mourinho doesn’t seem to be leaving Man United anytime soon, Collymore claims that Mourinho “is done in Manchester. Finished.”

It’s worth noting that Man United gave Mourinho a new contract until 2020 back in January.

It’s further suggested that Mourinho is hurting himself on a weekly basis as he’s “potentially damaging his managerial legacy for good.”

Yet, in the next breathe Collymore concedes: “Don’t get me wrong. He will always find a good job.”

Paul Pogba & the virus comment

In the wake of last weekend’s 2-2 draw with Southampton, Mourinho is said to have called Paul Pogba a “virus” in front his team mates.

That insult appears to have got underneath Collymore’s skin. Ad he’s revealed how he would have reacted in such circumstances:

I also know that if one of my managers said about me what he allegedly said about Pogba, I’d probably have chinned him.

Mourinho before Arsenal

Speaking before the Arsenal match at Old Trafford on Tuesday, Mourinho has voiced his belief that Everton will not break into the top six.

Jose Mourinho also reacted badly about a question on attributed quotes which he made after the 2-2 draw with Southampton.

Also see: Liverpool vs Man United: Paul Merson promotes FA bias conspiracy theory.

Man United are so bad that Juan Mata has stopped blogging.

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December 4, 2018 at 03:52AM


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