Julio Jones: We always believed in Steve Sarkisian

Julio Jones: We always believed in Steve Sarkisian


Julio Jones: We always believed in Steve Sarkisian

Posted by Josh Alper on November 9, 2018, 7:04 AM EST

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Offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian came in for a fair amount of criticism during his first season with the Falcons as the team dropped from the heights they reached under Kyle Shanahan and the start of his second season didn’t go much better.

The Falcons lost four of their first five games and the fact that their defense was getting shredded didn’t do much to take the heat off of Sarkisian. The Falcons have won their last three games, however, and have seen their oft-maligned red zone efficiency rise to ninth in the league as they’ve found their footing.

That’s led to a different general opinion of Sarkisian’s work, although wide receiver Julio Jones said that nothing has changed inside the team.

“We always believed in Sark and we’re going to continue to believe in him,” Jones said, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “… Like I said for us, we always believed in him. We just kept working together. The longer you do things the better you understand each other, that’s all it was. For us, at the beginning, we weren’t helping him out. Some guys were doing this and some guys were doing that and others were off here and there. If we don’t have success but we have the talent then it’s the offensive coordinator. For him, it was more so us too. You can’t blame one without the other.”

The Falcons will try to keep it going against the Browns and Cowboys. If they do, they’ll be in New Orleans for a Thursday night game that will go a long way toward determining if they’ll be able to go from 1-4 to the playoffs in the same season.

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November 9, 2018 at 04:06AM


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