A Belgrade doctor saved Xherdan Shaqiri’s deformed foot – Kurir

A Belgrade doctor saved Xherdan Shaqiri’s deformed foot – Kurir


Liverpool & Xherdan Shaqiri

Liverpool midfielder Xherdan Shaqiri missed the midweek Champions League match away at Red Star Belgrade.

Shaqiri wasn’t injured, rather he was omitted from Liverpool’s squad for non-footballing reasons.

Klopp explained that the Swiss midfielder absence was a decision aimed at helping Liverpool squad “avoid any distractions” in Serbia.

Sadly that clearly didn’t work out as Red Star beat Liverpool 2-0.

Belgrade doctor & Xherdan Shaqiri’s deformed foot

A crazy story has been reported this week in Serbia news outlet Kurir.

They’ve announced that Liverpool’s Shaqiri was born with a deformed right foot.

Readers were told that Shaqiri’s “foot turned inward due to lack of space in the womb of his mother”.

Kurir went on to claim that Shaqiri was “successfully cured in the Belgrade University Children’s Clinic in Tyroshevo”.

How was the Liverpool midfielder cured? Apparently the doctor used the Ponseti method, which wikipedia described as “a manipulative technique that corrects congenital clubfoot without invasive surgery.”

Kurir argue that “if there were no Serb doctor, Shaqiri not only would not to play football, he would not even have a normal life.”

The article then ended with the following sentence:

Although Serbian doctors are owed everything, the ungrateful Shaqiri uses every opportunity to provoke Serbs.


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Where’s the evidence?

It goes without saying that no-one has every reported this story before.

So is the ‘Shaqiri deformed foot’ tale true?

Kurir claim their information was received from a “well-informed source”.

But who is this source? That remains unclear.

Cynics will conclude that this whole story has been invented as a new excuse for Serbian fans to hate Shaqiri.

Also see: Jurgen Klopp singles out the moment Liverpool blew it vs Red Star.

What tonight’s results mean for Tottenham & Liverpool in the Champions League.

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