Mike Vrabel has a problem with Kevin Byard’s star celebration

Mike Vrabel has a problem with Kevin Byard’s star celebration


Mike Vrabel has a problem with Kevin Byard’s star celebration

Posted by Charean Williams on November 6, 2018, 3:35 PM EST

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Saints receiver Michael Thomas went back in time for his touchdown celebration Sunday, and Titans safety Kevin Byard followed Monday night.

Byard danced on the midfield star at AT&T Stadium after his end zone celebration. He was joined by teammates.

49ers receiver Terrell Owens did the original midfield star celebration in 2000. He promptly was tackled by Cowboys safety George Teague.

Cowboys cornerback Byron Jones shoved Byard in the back, although Byard was expecting to have his head knocked off.

Former Cowboys tight end Jason Witten, now an ESPN analyst, called it disrespectful, as did Jones. Titans coach Mike Vrabel agreed.

“That’s not what we want as an organization. That’s not what I want as a head coach,” Vrabel said Tuesday, via video posted by Paul Kuharsky of paulkuharsky.com. “I want our guys to play as hard as they possibly can, for each other, between the whistles, as physical, as aggressive, as clean as they possibly can. I get that there’s things that cross the line between whistles. Once the whistle blows, celebrate with a teammate. Find somebody else in a Titans uniform. Find a coach. Celebrate with them. But we don’t need to do that. That’s what we want to do. I talked to Kevin this morning. I’ll talk to the team again tomorrow. That goes for a lot of guys. That’s not what I want. If that’s what they want, then we see it very differently.”

Although officials didn’t penalize Byard, he is subject to an NFL fine as the rule book specifically covers stomping on a team logo.

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November 6, 2018 at 12:39PM


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