Lucas Moura pulls rank on Tottenham’s press ban after Liverpool

Lucas Moura pulls rank on Tottenham’s press ban after Liverpool

Lucas Moura talks after Liverpool

It wasn’t a great weekend for Tottenham.

Spurs were beaten 2-1 at Wembley by Liverpool.

Mauricio Pochettino’s side were second best against the Reds, and Liverpool could have scored six if they’d been more clinical.

Away from the Premier League, however, a storm is brewing around Lucas Moura.

In the past few days, Lucas Moura has attracted attention for his political affiliation.

Moura has backed Jair Bolsonaro, a right wing candidate, to be Brazil’s next president on social media.

Jair Bolsonaro recently made international headlines when he was stabbed at a rally.

Lucas Moura vs Tottenham

According to ESPN Brasil’s Joao Castelo-Branco, Tottenham banned journalists from asking Moura any questions about politics in the build up to the Liverpool game.

However, in a possible thumb in the eye to Tottenham’s media department, Moura opened up about his politics in the mixed zone on Saturday.

The Spurs forward is refusing to back down or apologise for backing Bolsonaro. He told UOL Esporte:

Unfortunately I already imagined that (my opinions) would have an exaggerated repercussion.

It’s received more attention than it should on the part of the media. I just wanted to state my position myself.

Before being a soccer player, I am a citizen and I have the right to worry about what is happening in the my country.

I just responded civilly to some of the issues that appeared on my Twitter, but unfortunately some people do not know how to respect a different opinion.

Knowing how to live with different opinions is part of democracy. 

I love my family and my friends with passion, but I do not always agree with them.

Bolsonaro stands accused of being a racist. However Moura challenged those accusations on social media, saying Bolsonaro “would be in jail” if that was true.

Moura has also voiced his support of Bolsonaro’s policy to give the police more powers to shoot criminals.

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September 16, 2018 at 03:45AM


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