“A few teams” inquiring about a Josh Gordon trade

“A few teams” inquiring about a Josh Gordon trade


“A few teams” inquiring about a Josh Gordon trade

Posted by Mike Florio on September 16, 2018, 9:19 AM EDT

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The Browns have announced that they’ll cut receiver Josh Gordon. But they’re not bound by that, and there’s a very good chance he won’t be cut, after all.

Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, “a few teams” already have inquired about a possible trade for Gordon.

Trading for Gordon and his $790,000 contract becomes more attractive for a new team than trying to sign him on the open market. Trading Gordon becomes attractive for the Browns because his status as a vested veteran would allow him to collect the balance of his pay in Cleveland as termination pay and keep whatever he gets elsewhere.

A new team via trade would stand in Cleveland’s shoes in all ways, having Gordon under contract this year along with the right to keep him through the use of a restricted free agency tender in 2019. Ultimately, however, the NFL will have an important say in whether Gordon will be able to keep playing, based on whether he has violated the substance-abuse policy.

It’s unclear which teams would be interested in Gordon. The Seahawks currently have needs at the position, as do the Patriots. The Cowboys lack a No. 1 option. A full slate of Sunday games could create other needs in other teams.

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September 16, 2018 at 06:21AM


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