Sean McVay has amazing recall of plays from his past

Sean McVay has amazing recall of plays from his past

Sean McVay has amazing recall of plays from his past

Posted by Darin Gantt on September 14, 2018, 6:15 AM EDT

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There’s no getting around this one. Sean McVay is kind of a nerd.

The Rams coach impressed/amazed/scared people around the league with his recall of play-calls from his past.

In this video from Bleacher Report, McVay is peppered with questions about down-and-distances from his past, and spat back answers in incredible detail about specific plays and how they ended up, and even what players said about them after the game.

He can explain.

I have no life,” McVay said, via Lindsey Thiry of “Other than I love football.”

The 32-year-old McVay said his gift stems from always thinking back over previous games, thinking what can be done better. But others see it differently.

“I think it’s a common between savants,” veteran defensive coordinator Wade Phillips said. “He has got tremendous recall, but he has got great people skills, too, and that’s the difference in him and some real smart guy. He’s way above my head, that’s for sure.”

Of course, that may or may not help when it’s time to leave the stadium, and he has to find his keys.

“It is not a joke,” McVay said, “when I say I really do not remember anything else.”

As long as he keeps winning football games, it will be a cool party trick. If he ever gets fired, then it will start being weird.

NFL News

via ProFootballTalk

September 14, 2018 at 03:21AM


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