Ravens players find Lamar Jackson “amazing to watch”

Ravens players find Lamar Jackson “amazing to watch”


Ravens players find Lamar Jackson “amazing to watch”


The Ravens plan to have quarterback Lamar Jackson active on gamedays this fall and they are looking into ways to have him play a bigger role than backup to Joe Flacco.

They have been working on looks that include both quarterbacks at the same time with the intent of getting their best players on the field. To hear Jackson’s teammates talk about it, there’s little question that Jackson will qualify on that front for the Ravens.

Wide receiver Chris Moore declared himself “in awe” of the way Jackson moves around the field and linebacker C.J. Mosley compared Jackson to another playmaker at the quarterback position.

“Once he gets out of the pocket, it’s like watching a young Michael Vick,” Mosley said, via ESPN.com. “It’s amazing to watch. When you’re defending him, you just have to act like you’re tagging off — you don’t want to be on the highlight reel. … It’s fun to watch him. It’s good to see him out there making plays and being comfortable.”

Mosley said the defense has had trouble defending the plays featuring both quarterbacks and thinks they can work as long as Flacco isn’t “doing too much running.” Mosley also acknowledges that the team doesn’t “really know it’s going to work until we put it out there” and, should it work, one wonders how often the Ravens could go to that well before people begin to wonder why Jackson just isn’t on the field every play.

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June 13, 2018 at 04:03AM


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