NFL minicamps live: Who’s sitting out?

NFL minicamps live: Who’s sitting out?

Let’s go minicamping.

Don’t let Leonard Fournette‘s face fool you, it’s time for more fun. This week, 28 of the 32 teams, are on the practice field for mandatory minicamps. The Bears, Dolphins, Patriots and Lions got a head start going through minicamp last week.

Over the next three days, coaches will put their rosters through evaluations and competition for the last time before training camp. And the players gotta be there. Unless they’re holding out, then they’re not coming.

Here’s some of the best stuff from around the league:

But first, who’s not here?

The annual tradition of top players sitting out mandatory minicamps is here. So far, the list is headlined by a 1,200-yard rusher and the league’ defensive player of the year.

Those not at minicamps:



Jones not attending Falcons’ mandatory minicamp

Adam Schefter breaks down the contract dispute between the Falcons and Julio Jones that has the WR sitting out minicamp.

Rookies to watch

NFL News

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June 12, 2018 at 06:43AM


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