The return (sort of) of #PFTPM

The return (sort of) of #PFTPM

The return (sort of) of #PFTPM


On Monday, I taped a low-tech #PFTPM on a high-tech device, recording the afternoon podcast for the first time on my cell phone device, from a hotel room in New York.

On Tuesday, I ran out of time and missed the afternoon session. On Wednesday, I could have taped it from the airplane while waiting for the 27 other flights in front of ours to take off at LaGuardia, but I didn’t want to be that guy, any more than I already am.

Back in #PFTHQ, I intended to tape a 30-minute version this afternoon. And it ended up being a 75-minute version, or thereabouts.

As usual, I opened with a quick review of the news of the day, and we then migrated to the many excellent questions from the @PFTPM posse.

Thanks for your continued support of everything we do, and please, please, please (I said please) check out the podcast.

NFL News

via ProFootballTalk

May 17, 2018 at 02:39PM


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