Tottenham’s Harry Kane praises Salah and talks top PL scorer chances

Tottenham’s Harry Kane praises Salah and talks top PL scorer chances

Kane v Salah

Tottenham striker Harry Kane has praised Liverpool’s Egyptian star Mohamed Salah and discussed his chances of winning the Premier League golden boot.

Kane is currently Salah’s closest competitor with the Liverpool forward on 29 goals while the Spurs star sits on 25.

Both players have had outstanding seasons but only one player can win the golden boot and both are fighting for it.

That was emphasised in Kane’s case when he appealed Christian Eriksen’s goal, claiming it was he who had got the final touch.

Now, Kane has praised Salah and explained that whatever happens, they have both been impressive this campaign.

“We will see. He has done great, he has had an amazing season and has gone ahead, so we will see,” Kane told Sky Sports. 

“Because we are battling against Liverpool for the top four as well it’s a bit of excitement. He scores four, let’s see what I can come back with.

“Whatever happens at the end of the season both of us will have had good seasons and we both enjoy it.

“It’s just the competition and trying to win, that’s what I enjoy.”


With Kane being criticised this week for appealing for a goal that he felt was his, the Englishman has reiterated how passionate he is about winning the golden boot.

Safe to say, we don’t think he would think twice if he was offered the chance to change his decision.

“I feel very passionate about it, I work very hard at the craft, it’s competition, when you are fighting for the Golden Boot it’s good competition and I want to win at everything I do, whether it’s a match, the Golden Boot, or training.

“I always want to win and I have always had that. That passion and excitement of being the best and the highest scorer that season is what I want to achieve.

Stoke’s Peter Crouch defends Harry Kane over Tottenham goal appeal

In his Daily Mail column this week, Peter Crouch has leaped to the defence of Kane over his appeal.

The former Liverpool striker has found himself in a similar spot before.

Click here to find out what he had to say. 

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April 13, 2018 at 01:25PM

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