Adam Gase: Lackluster effort against Bills led to changes

Adam Gase: Lackluster effort against Bills led to changes

Adam Gase: Lackluster effort against Bills led to changes

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The Dolphins have made plenty of big changes to the roster this offseason. The changes were sparked in part by the team’s effort, of lack thereof, during a 24-16 loss to the Bills.

“That game at Buffalo just seemed like a 20-hour game,” coach Adam Gase recently said on The Joe Rose Show, via the Palm Beach Post. “I was just waiting for us to turn the corner and really get going and nothing was working for us. There was no swagger, no attitude, and it was disappointing to see. It wasn’t everybody. You turn on that tape, there are guys that stand out noticeably as far as their effort and their play that was extremely high, and they were giving everything they had. We just did not have enough guys doing that. That’s why we felt like we needed to change some things around.”

The Dolphins had just upset the Patriots on a Monday night in Miami, a win that seemed to potentially get a rocky season on track. The loss at Buffalo sparked a three-game slide that sealed the team’s fate for 2017.

Gase’s comments represent a more specific twist on a concept he seemed to agree with during a conversation at the league meetings in Orlando. The adversity that the Dolphins faced throughout the 2017 season made it easier for Gase to determine who is and isn’t fully on board. Moving forward, Gase surely wants more of the guys who will be all in no matter what, and fewer of the guys who won’t be.

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April 6, 2018 at 07:12AM


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