Jones sorry for ‘scummy Ireland’ and ‘s—ty’ Wales remarks

Jones sorry for ‘scummy Ireland’ and ‘s—ty’ Wales remarks

Footage emerged Thursday of England coach Eddie Jones referring to the Irish as “scummy” and Wales as a “little s— place.”

It is understood the footage originates from a talk Jones delivered last July for Fuso, in Japan.

Jones has since “apologised unreservedly for any offence caused” after the footage came to light via Second Captains. “No excuses, and I shouldn’t have said what I did. I’m very sorry,” Jones said.

It is understood the Welsh rugby management find the footage “humorous,” but the RFU will apologise to both the Irish Rugby Football Union and the Welsh Rugby Union for Jones’ comments.

“Eddie has apologised for his inappropriate remarks, and the RFU is also very sorry for any offence caused and will apologise to the IRFU and WRU.”

The footage has come to light just three days before England face Six Nations champions Ireland in the final round of this year’s tournament. In the video, Jones talks of only having “one Test to the scummy Irish” and adds, “Don’t worry, we have them next year at home. We will get ’em back!”

On Wales, referring to an age-grade defeat to the Welsh during his Japan tenure, he says: “Wales! Who knows Wales? It’s this little s— place that has got 3 million people — 3 million!”

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March 14, 2018 at 12:27PM


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