FIFA ‘expand investigation’ into Man City which could lead to transfer ban

FIFA ‘expand investigation’ into Man City which could lead to transfer ban

FIFA ‘expand investigation’ into Man City which could lead to transfer ban

Transfer ban

Manchester City could still be facing a transfer ban from an investigation that started back in September 2017 after it was ‘expanded’.

An investigation was opened into the possible exploitation of minors in the game with City but it all went very quiet.

There are certain rules in place to stop the exploitation of minors in the game and while it isn’t clear what the issue specifically is, the Telegraph has revealed that it is in relation to ‘matches played by African youngsters brought over to England.’

The investigation has now been expanded after new evidence, with two former Man City trainees having given interviews with a Dutch outlet.

Chelsea are also supposedly being investigated over evidence according to the Telegraph.

The Telegraph’s article reads:

George Davies and Dominic Oduro both told the publication they played for the club before turning 18 in what could be deemed a breach of Fifa rules placing severe restrictions on teams taking child footballers from their home countries.

Were either Chelsea or City found guilty and hit with a transfer ban, each would almost certainly follow their Spanish counterparts’ lead by lodging appeals that would see any punishment suspended and allow them to embark on a pre-emptive shopping spree. 

City did not respond to requests for comment on what is the third investigation into their conduct over youth signings in the past 18 months.

A transfer ban, in any capacity, certainly would not be helpful for Pep Guardiola who is looking to create a dynasty at the Etihad.

With the side still looking for the European treble, it’s safe to say he will be looking to recreate what he has done this season.

Man City chief executive discusses clubs chances of signing Leo Messi

One player who they wouldn’t be able to sign anyway is Lionel Messi.

The Barcelona star has put in another brilliant performance against Chelsea this evening.

Though, he was linked with a move to Man City and their chief executive has now responded.

Click here to see what he had to say. 

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March 14, 2018 at 02:18PM


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