Tim Hortons Brier 2018: Sunday Curling Results, Updated Draw and Schedule

Tim Hortons Brier 2018: Sunday Curling Results, Updated Draw and Schedule


While the Tim Hortons Brier is only two days old, the top teams are already creating some separation at the top of the standings.

Manitoba and Northern Ontario got off to strong starts in Pool B, while Team Canada unsurprisingly looks like the team to beat in Pool A. Nova Scotia and the Wild Card team are also off to strong starts with a 2-0 record.

Considering only half the teams advance to the championship pool, there could be a lot of ground to make up over the next few days of competition in Regina, Canada.



Draw 3

Manitoba 7, Saskatchewan 5

Ontario 9, New Brunswick 7

Northern Ontario 6, Nunavut 3

Prince Edward Island 7, Quebec 6


Draw 4

Alberta 9, Northwest Territories 2

Canada 8, Yukon 3

Wild Card 9, British Columbia 3

Nova Scotia 9, Newfoundland and Labrador 6


Draw 5

Northern Ontario vs. Prince Edward Island

Nunavut vs. Manitoba

Ontario vs. Quebec

New Brunswick vs. Saskatchewan



Pool A

1. Wild Card (2-0)

1. Canada (2-0)

1. Nova Scotia (2-0)

4. Alberta (1-1)

4. Northwest Territories (1-1)

6. Newfoundland and Labrador (0-2)

6. British Columbia (0-2)

6. Yukon (0-2)


Pool B

1. Manitoba (2-0)

1. Northern Ontario (2-0)

3. Ontario (1-1)

3. Prince Edward Island (1-1)

3. Quebec (1-1)

3. New Brunswick (1-1)

7. Saskatchewan (0-2)

7. Nunavut (0-2)



Draw 3

Of the four matches in the first session of the day, three of them were decided on the final shot. Two went to an extra end.

New Brunswick had one of the more disappointing matches, overcoming an early 5-1 deficit to crawl back only to still suffer a 9-7 loss to Ontario. The squad scored one point in four straight ends, tying it up at 7 behind three straight steals.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep it up by giving up two in the 11th.

Saskatchewan had a similar run, using a steal in the 10th to force overtime. Still, Reid Carruthers was able to overcome a sloppy match for Manitoba to escape with a 7-5 win.

The team from Prince Edward Island was more fortunate thanks to its ability to produce big numbers at the end of the match. Eddie MacKenzie and Co. scored three points in the eighth end and then two in the 10th to come away with a shocking win over Quebec.

Northern Ontario was the only squad with an easy time in the third draw, earning a 6-3 victory after just nine ends.


Draw 4

While Draw 3 was filled with close matchups, there were more one-sided battles in Draw 4.

Alberta overcame its disappointing loss to kick off the tournament with a dominant 9-2 win over Northwest Territories after just eight ends. Jamie Koe struggled mightily for NT with just a 61 percent success rate, allowing a 7-0 deficit through five ends. It didn’t get much better from there in a huge loss.

Team Canada was also extremely impressive behind the play of Brad Gushue. The defending winner of this tournament as well as the 2017 World Championships came through with 100 percent shooting, helping his squad earn an 8-3 win over Yukon. The team shot 96 percent overall in a nearly flawless effort.

The Wild Card team led by Mike McEwen also cruised to victory over British Columbia, earning a 9-3 advantage with two ends going unused. 

It appeared the final match of the round would be closer, but Nova Scotia pulled away from Newfoundland and Labrador behind a three-point end in the seventh and a two-point steal in the eighth. Another steal in the ninth clinched an entire session with no 10th ends.


Note: All statistics courtesy of Curling.ca.

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