Yun Sungbin Tops Skeleton Qualifying Results at 2018 Winter Olympics

Yun Sungbin Tops Skeleton Qualifying Results at 2018 Winter Olympics

Yun Sungbin currently sits in first place in men’s skeleton through two runs at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The South Korean star posted a combined time of 1:40.35 in his two heats, putting him 0.74 seconds ahead of Russian athlete Nikita Tregubov in second place.

With each of the four runs counting toward a cumulative time that decides the final rankings, there could still be a lot of movement before the medals are awarded. However, the hometown hero has put himself in great shape for a gold in Pyeongchang, South Korea.


Standings Through Two Runs

1. Yun Sungbin (KOR) – 1:40.35

2. Nikita Tregubov (OAR) – 1:41.09

3. Martins Dukurs (LAT) – 1:41.23

4. Dom Parsons (GRB) – 1:41.26

5. Tomass Dukurs (LAT) – 1:41.46

6. Kim Jisoo (KOR) – 1:41.66

7. Axel Jungk (GER) – 1:41.78

8. Rhys Thornbury (NZL) – 1:41.93

9. Christopher Grotheer (GER) – 1:42.11

10. Alexander Gassner (GER) – 1:42.13

Full results available at


Yun pleased the home fans with a great start in this competition, setting a track record with his 50.28 in the first run.

He followed it up with an even better time in the second run, finishing with a time of 50.07. He was most impressive coming out of the gate, breaking his own record with a 4.59-second start.

The 23-year-old burst onto the scene over the past year with a World Cup title, making him the favorite to bring home gold in this competition.

Meanwhile, Martins Dukurs will be trying hard for his first gold medal after being the best in the sport for nearly a decade. The Latvian star won eight straight World Cup titles and five world championships, but he only managed a silver medal in each of the last two Olympic Games.

He came to compete this week with a third-place time of 1:41.23. His first run was mediocre for his standards, but he came back with a great second run of 50.38 seconds that was the second-best of all riders

His older brother, Tomass, also remains in contention in fifth place, but the Latvian duo will still have to catch Tregubov, who has been solid in his first two runs.

It was a bit of a disappointing start for the Americans, with Matt Antoine sitting in 11th place while John Daly is currently in 13th place.

Antoine took home bronze in this event four years ago, while Daly was in position for a medal before struggling in the fourth run. Both entered this competition hoping to medal but will have a lot of work to do in the coming runs.

Akwasi Frimpong is in last place, but his presence in the field is a great story on its own:

He is only the second athlete from Ghana to compete in the Winter Olympics and has only participated in skeleton for two years, but he can still call himself an Olympian regardless of finish.

All 30 competitors will be back on the track for the third heat on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. ET (Friday at 9:30 a.m. local). Only the top 20 will enter the fourth heat about two hours later, where the medals will officially be awarded.

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February 14, 2018 at 08:05PM


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