Olympic Freestyle Skiing Schedule 2018: Live Stream for Women’s Aerials

Olympic Freestyle Skiing Schedule 2018: Live Stream for Women’s Aerials


In terms of entertainment, there aren’t many events at the Winter Olympics that live up to the aerials in freestyle skiing.

On Friday, the best women in the world in this discipline will fight it out for gold by showcasing their best routines, with points awarded for air, form and landing over the two- and four-metre jumps available.

On Thursday, the battle to qualify for the final will begin, with 12 skiers in total lining up for the following day’s showpiece. The climax will consist of three rounds, with the field chopped down to eight at the end of Round 1 and four at the conclusion of Round 2.

Here is the schedule for the aerials event and a look at what to expect in this enthralling competition.



Thursday, 15 February

11 a.m.—Qualifying 1

11:45 a.m.—Qualifying 2



Friday, 16 February

11 a.m.—Final 1

11:29 a.m.—Final 2

11:52 a.m.—Final 3

The action can be streamed via NBC Sports App (U.S.) and Eurosport Player (UK). All times noted are GMT.



The early favourite for gold in the aerials is China’s Xu Mengtao, who will be looking to improve on her silver medal from Sochi four years ago.

The 27-year-old performed well in the final in 2014 and earned an impressive score of 101.08 in her second run. However, it was not enough to get the better of Alla Tsuper, who was more consistent throughout.

With more experience accrued, Xu will hope she can find that type of solidity in this year’s competition. She has produced some exceptional moments in the buildup to the Games as well, as we can see courtesy of FISFreestyle:

If Xu is going to go one better in Pyeongchang, South Korea, she’s going to have to perform to her absolute best, as her rivals for medal positions are also of the highest quality.

Like Xu, Australia’s Lydia Lassila had to settle for one of the minor medals in Sochi, but she will feel capable of making it to the top of the rostrum this year. It will also be the final competition of the 2010 champion’s distinguished career, with the 36-year-old set to retire after the Games.

Remarkably, it will be the fifth time Lassila has competed at the Olympics and some of her team-mates have been discussing her incredible legacy, per 7 News Sydney:

Speaking ahead of her last jump, Lassila admitted she’s going to find it tough to walk away from the aerials, per Will Swanton of The Australian:

"It’s like coming off an addiction. I don’t care what anybody says—when you’re competing in any sport, particularly in a sport like mine when there’s that risk and fear involved, there’s chemicals going on. There’s a chemical interaction in your body and brain. That’s the drug you get hooked on as an athlete. You love it and you hate it, but you get used to it."

Trying to spoil her retirement party will be compatriot Danielle Scott, while the United States’ Ashley Caldwell is another competitor capable of great things. As noted by Up First, the American has some remarkable moves in her locker:

The popular winner would be Lassila and since returning to the sport last year, there have been positive signs from her.

However, Xu had the edge on the Australian four years ago, and over the course of a couple of pulsating days, she will do just enough to get the victory.

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