Non-NBA Dunks We’re Dying to See in the 2018 Dunk Contest

Non-NBA Dunks We’re Dying to See in the 2018 Dunk Contest

No one in recorded history has ever uttered the words: "The NBA‘s dunk contest needs less sizzle."

Au contraire, pundits and spectators alike are often left lamenting the lack of uniqueness and general derring-do after each stuff-fest—the 2016 ultra-mega-awesome showdown between Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine notwithstanding.

This impulse is natural. Dunk-contest participants can only be so creative year after year. One-upping the previous hallmark gets more difficult as the sample size mushrooms. Every above-the-rim concept is like an app: Someone, somewhere, has beaten you to the idea, even if it’s not yet in production.

Complicated still, professional basketball players have become brands unto themselves. Marquee names aren’t willing to attempt anything that may damage their standing or turn them into a Twitter-timeline laughingstock. This applies even to the youngest up-and-comers.

That Aaron Gordon, a dunk-contest veteran, was open to partaking in this year’s festivities, set for Feb. 17 at Staples Center, before suffering a hip injury, remains something of a minor shock. Players with his experience tend to sidestep recurring cameos at the risk of pigeonholing themselves to a stringent type.

Consider this a roundabout way of tempering expectations for Donovan Mitchell, Larry Nance Jr., Victor Oladipo and Dennis Smith Jr. Maybe they live up to the standard from 2016, but maybe they don’t.

If, however, they are determined to put on a show worthy of being ingrained into memory, they should look outside the NBA’s slam-dunk pantheon for inspiration. There, they’ll find an untapped well of opportunity fit for high-flying legends.

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February 15, 2018 at 04:36AM


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