FA Cup fifth-round predictions – Lawro takes on eight-year-old Tekkerz Kid

FA Cup fifth-round predictions – Lawro takes on eight-year-old Tekkerz Kid


It is League One versus Premier League in the FA Cup this weekend – and will there be any surprises?’

Rochdale v Tottenham (16:00 GMT, Sunday) and Wigan v Man City (19:55 GMT, Monday) are the two FA Cup fifth-round ties live on the BBC.

Lawro is pitting his wits against a different guest for each round of this season’s FA Cup and his opponent this time is YouTube star Tekkerz Kid.

Tekkerz Kid predicts big FA Cup upsets as he takes on Lawro

Tekkerz Kid – real name Lorenzo Greer – is an eight-year-old footballer from Birmingham whose videos include skills tutorials and kit reviews, and whose channel has more than 900,000 subscribers.

Lawro is not expecting any surprises in the games on the BBC but is expecting at least one big shock over the weekend.

Swansea boss Carlos Carvalhal goes back to his former side Sheffield Wednesday and Lawro is expecting an unhappy reunion for the Portuguese coach.

“I just have a feeling, quite often when a manager who has just left goes back, everyone wants to prove a point,” says Lawro.

“I think this might be the upset of the round.”

FA Cup fourth-round predictions
Gap Result Lawro Tekkerz Kid
Leicester v Sheff Utd 20 x-x 2-1 2-0
Chelsea v Hull 37 x-x 2-0 2-0
Sheff Wed v Swansea 19 x-x 2-0 1-0
Brighton v Coventry 63 x-x 2-0 1-2
Huddersfield v Man Utd 15 x-x 1-2 2-4
West Brom v Southampton 2 x-x 1-0 2-2
Rochdale v Tottenham 63 x-x 0-2 0-3
Wigan v Man City 45 x-x 0-3 0-4

Gap = how many league positions separate each team


All kick-offs 15:00 GMT unless otherwise stated.

PL = Premier League C = Championship
L1 = League One L2 = League Two
NL = Non-league


Leicester v Sheff Utd (19:45 GMT)

Premier League (eighth) v Championship (eighth)
Who did they beat?
4R: Peterborough (L1) 4R: Preston (C)
3R: Fleetwood (L1) 3R: Ipswich (C)

Sheffield United are at the right end of the Championship and will be eyeing the play-offs. They have had a little bit of a sticky patch after a great start. The Blades are a very difficult side to play against – they are in your face and don’t give you time on the ball, and if Leicester are not at it they may get a shock. However, because of the extra quality I think Leicester will win.

FA Cup: Peterborough United 1-5 Leicester City highlights

Lawro’s prediction: 2-1

Tekkerz Kid’s prediction: This will be a tough game for Sheffield United. Leicester have Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez and I can see those two just running past players, passing to each other and scoring. 2-0.

Highlights: Sheffield United 1-0 Preston

Chelsea v Hull (20:00 GMT)

Premier League (Fourth) v Championship (21st)
Who did they beat?
4R: Newcastle (PL) 4R: Nottingham Forest (C)
3R: Norwich (C) 3R: Blackburn (L1)

There was extremely sad news earlier this week about Ryan Mason having to retire and we wish him well. Chelsea can blow hot and cold. They won comfortably against West Brom on Monday but that comes off the back of a 4-1 defeat by Watford.

Hull have massive problems as everybody knows and I think Chelsea will win this one.

Lawro’s prediction: 2-0

Highlights: Chelsea 3-0 Newcastle

Tekkerz Kid: Antonio Conte is going to be under big pressure. He cannot afford another loss and Chelsea fans will be disappointed if they don’t go far in the FA Cup. Chelsea will put out a strong team, Eden Hazard will be on fire and Chelsea will get a comfortable win. 2-0.

FA Cup: Hull City 2-1 Nottingham Forest highlights


Sheff Wed v Swansea (12:30 GMT)

Championship (15th) v Premier League (16th)
Who did they beat?
4R: Reading (C) 4R: Notts County (L2)
3R: Carlisle (L2) 3R: Wolves (C)
Highlights: Sheffield Wednesday 3-1 Reading

What a good job former Sheffield Wednesday boss Carlos Carvalhal has done since he went to Swansea. He has been fantastic, but this is a Sheffield Wednesday team who beat Derby 2-0 on Tuesday and I just wonder if they have turned the corner a bit.

Lawro’s prediction: 2-0

Tekkerz Kid’s prediction: 1-0

Swansea thrash Notts County – watch all nine goals in 60 seconds

Brighton v Coventry

Premier League (14th) v League Two (ninth)
Who did they beat?
4R: Middlesbrough (C) 4R: MK Dons (L1)
3R: Crystal Palace (PL) 3R: Stoke (PL)
2R: Boreham Wood (NL)
1R: Maidenhead (NL)

Coventry have been great so far in the FA Cup but I can’t see a shock here. Brighton strengthened their squad in January and even though they will change their team they are on a good run a the moment and will want to keep it going,

Coventry have had a great run and hopefully there will be a big crowd at Brighton and a big pay day for Coventry.

Highlights: Middlesbrough 0-1 Brighton

Lawro’s prediction: 2-0

Tekkerz Kid’s prediction: I can see a big upset here. I can see the Coventry boys being up for it so I think they will get an away win. 1-2

FA Cup: MK Dons 0-1 Coventry highlights

West Brom v Southampton

Premier League (20th) v Premier League (18th)
Who did they beat?
4R: Liverpool (PL) 4R: Watford (PL)
3R: Exeter (L2) 3R: Fulham (C)

These two played each other recently and there were loads of goals in that game. Football is just a bit mad sometimes and I am going to go for a West Brom win. They can’t win a game at the moment but I’m tipping them for this one.

FA Cup: Liverpool 2-3 West Brom highlights

Lawro’s prediction: 1-0

Tekkerz Kid’s prediction: 2-2

FA Cup: Southampton 1-0 Watford highlights

Huddersfield v Man Utd (17:30 GMT)

Premier League (17th) v Premier League (Second)
Who did they beat?
4R: Birmingham (C) 4R: Yeovil (PL)
3R: Bolton (C) 3R: Derby (C)

I was at this game when Huddersfield beat them in the league. They beat them comfortably and convincingly but I think Manchester United are a different side now.

FA Cup: Yeovil Town 0-4 Manchester United highlights

Lawro’s prediction: 1-2

Tekkerz Kid’s prediction: In the last round Huddersfield ended up winning comfortably at St Andrews against Birmingham, and Manchester United did the same at Yeovil. I think there will be goals in this game. I don’t think Manchester United can afford to have another loss so I think they will put out a strong team and win. I think Jesse Lingard will score one, Lukaku will score one and Alexis Sanchez will score two but I have no doubt Huddersfield will score. 2-4.


Rochdale v Tottenham (16:00 GMT)

Rochdale got through to the fifth round by drawing at Millwall and then beating them at home on what looked like a beach. It is just something Tottenham will have to deal with. No doubt Mauricio Pochettino will change his team around after they played in the Champions League earlier this week.

Keith Hill has been at Rochdale for a long, long time. They are not doing particularly well in the league but this will be a massive day for them. However, I think Tottenham, whatever team they select, will have too much for them.

Lawro’s prediction: 0-2

League One (23rd) v Premier League (Fifth)
Who did they beat?
4R: Millwall (C) 4R: Newport County (L2)
3R: Doncaster (L1) 3R: AFC Wimbledon (L1)
2R: Slough (NL)
1R: Bromley (NL)

Tekkerz Kid’s prediction: It is a League One team versus a Premier League team and I definitely think Spurs will win, especially if Harry Kane is playing. If he is playing he will just keep scoring against them. I think he will get at least two goals. 0-3


Wigan v Man City (19:55 GMT)

League One (Second) v Premier League (First)
Who did they beat?
4R: West Ham (PL) 4R: Cardiff (C)
3R: Bournemouth (PL) 3R: Burnley (PL)
2R: AFC Fylde (NL)
1R: Crawley (L2)
FA Cup: Wigan 2-0 West Ham highlights

Wigan have knocked out two Premier League teams out on the way to the fifth round but this is completely different gravy. Manchester City played on Tuesday, they will be well rested but they will probably leave a couple of first-team players out just for insurance.

I’m expecting a great atmosphere and a full house at Wigan, which is good for them, but you would argue both sides have bigger fish to fry. Wigan will want to get out of League One and promoted as champions.

Highlights: Cardiff 0-2 Manchester City

Lawro’s prediction: 0-3

Tekkerz Kid’s prediction: 0-4.

Lawro was speaking to BBC Sport’s Chris Bevan.

How did Lawro do in the fourth round?

On FA Cup fourth-round weekend, Lawro got 10 correct results, including four perfect scores, from the 16 ties for a total of 220 points.

He was up against Poet and Vuj, presenters on YouTube football channel Copa90.

Poet got six correct results, with no perfect scores, for a total of 60 points, while Vuj got seven correct results, with two perfect scores. That gave him a tally of 130 points.

FA Cup leaderboard after round four
Correct result (Perfect scores) Total Success rate
Lawro 32/48 (8) 460 pts 67%
Vuj 7/16 (2) 130 pts 44%
Guz Khan 12/32 (2) 180 pts 38%
Poet 6/16 (0) 60 pts 38%

Success rate = percentage of correct results

Those scores do not count towards Lawro’s total for the season from Premier League fixtures or appear on the guest leaderboard.

In the last round of Premier League games, Lawro got six correct results, including one perfect score, from 10 matches, for a total of 90 points.

He beat comedian Rhys James, who got three correct results, but no perfect scores, giving him a total of 30 points.

Total scores after week 26
Lawro 2,360
Guests 2,040

Lawro scored 90 points in week 27, which leaves him in 1,246th place out of more than 395,000 players.

1 Man City 27 22 4 1 70 0
2 Man Utd 27 22 4 1 70 0
3 Tottenham 27 21 6 0 69 +2
4 Liverpool 27 17 10 0 61 -1
5 Chelsea 27 18 6 3 60 -1
6 Arsenal 27 13 10 4 49 0
7 Southampton 27 10 7 10 37 +11
8 Leicester 27 10 5 12 35 0
9 West Ham 27 7 14 6 35 +3
10 Stoke 27 7 11 9 32 +9
11 West Brom 27 9 5 13 32 +9
12 Bournemouth 27 7 9 11 30 -2
13 Burnley 27 7 7 13 28 -6
14 Crystal Palace 27 7 5 15 26 +1
15 Everton 27 6 5 16 23 -6
16 Newcastle 27 4 8 15 20 -3
17 Brighton 27 3 10 14 19 -3
18 Swansea 27 5 1 21 16 -2
19 Watford 27 3 5 19 14 -8
20 Huddersfield 27 1 9 17 12 -3


160 Justin Hawkins, Chris Shiflett
130 James Anderson*, Joe Johnson*, Russel Leetch*
120 Will Poulter, Moeen Ali
110 Aron Baynes*
100 Cesaro & Seamus, Wretch 32
90 Pete Wentz
88 Lawro (average after 27 weeks)
80 John Cena, Darren Campbell
70 Brendan Foster*, Mark Strong
60 Jimmy from Django Django, Will Ferrell, Nish Kumar, Non Stanford, Rick Witter
50 Steve Cram, Michael Dapaah, Channing Tatum, Osi Umenyiora and Jason Bell, Joe Root, Dario Saric
40 Craig David, Ed Lay
30 Felix White, Rhys James
20 Richard Osman, Emmanuel Sanders and Josh Norman

* shows weeks where Lawro had more than one guest, and only the highest score contributed to the guest total.

Lawro’s best score: 150 points (week eight v Wretch 32 and week 24 v Pete Wentz)

Lawro’s worst score: 40 points (week four v Umenyiora and Bell, week five v Non Stanford, week 21 v Darren Campbell and week 23 v Saric and Baynes)

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