Derek Wolfe “so much better” after neck surgery

Derek Wolfe “so much better” after neck surgery

Derek Wolfe “so much better” after neck surgery

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Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe saw his season come to an early end because of a neck injury that caused him problems during the 2016 season as well, but he doesn’t expect it to be an issue in 2018.

Wolfe had surgery to address the nerve pain in his neck after being placed on injured reserve in December. He told Mike Klis of KUSA that the procedure, which involves taking “out some of the bone where the nerve comes out,” has left him feeling much improved.

“I can turn my head like an owl,’’ Wolfe said. “It’s crazy. I can look all the way behind me. It’s insane. … “I can honestly sit here and tell you that as far as my neck goes — I have to build my strength back up, but I got [incoming Broncos strength coach] Loren [Landow] to help me so I’m not worried about that — but it’s fixed. I feel so much better. I swear I couldn’t do a pushup during the season.”

Wolfe is due to make just under $9.4 million for the 2018 season and Klis raised the notion that could leave him on uncertain ground as the Broncos try to create salary cap space. Wolfe said he’s not worrying about that as it is not in his control and a decision on a $1 million option early in the new league year will signal which way the Broncos are going.

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February 15, 2018 at 03:51AM


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