Warren Sapp Served with Battery Lawsuit by Man Pretending to Be Fan

Warren Sapp Served with Battery Lawsuit by Man Pretending to Be Fan


Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp was served with a court summons to appear for a lawsuit filed by a woman who says he injured her at a 2015 Super Bowl party.

According to TMZ Sports, the man who served Sapp acted as a fan by initially asking to take a picture with the former NFL star before formally handing him the summons. 

In January 2017, actress Paula Trickey filed a lawsuit against Sapp that said he knocked her down while trying to evade security at an ESPN party during Super Bowl weekend. Trickey said Sapp showed a "negligent use of force or body kinetics" and was "intoxicated and unruly beyond social norm."

Trickey said she suffered permanent injuries as a result of the event.

Sapp responded to the lawsuit on Twitter and said he wasn’t at the party in question:

TMZ Sports reported Trickey’s attorneys had tried unsuccessfully to serve Sapp for at least a year.

Sapp is also connected to a separate lawsuit filed by former NFL Network employee Jami Cantor. Cantor said Sapp was among the on-air talent who sexually harassed her during her time with the company as a wardrobe stylist. The lawsuit went forward in January after the parties declined to negotiate a settlement.

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February 14, 2018 at 10:02AM


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