Likeliest NBA Players to Be Dealt This Offseason

Likeliest NBA Players to Be Dealt This Offseason

Last summer, Carmelo Anthony, Jimmy Butler, Paul George, Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Victor Oladipo and Isaiah Thomas all swapped cities.

Bold prediction: We will not see an entire galaxy of NBA stars get traded again in the 2018 offseason. Last year was an outlier, a uniquely unstable environment in which big names agitated for movement and got what they wanted.

Expect plenty of lower-stakes dealing this time around.

Several teams need to shed money, and there are bargains to be had for anyone with cap space willing to absorb cash with picks attached. In addition, there are ticking-clock scenarios throughout the league in which organizations must move quality players quickly lest leverage disappear.

We’ll draw from last year’s comparable situations when possible, rely on some gut feeling and intuit which clubs are primed for moves.

The trade deadline has passed, but if we learned anything from last year, all the serious transacting takes place over the summer.

So, if you’re a repeatedly rumored trade candidate who somehow survived the deadline, congratulations! Please accept these pins and needles. You’ll be sitting on them until September.

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February 14, 2018 at 06:01AM


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