Former PL star claims Paul Pogba would be better at Manchester City

Former PL star claims Paul Pogba would be better at Manchester City

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One former Premier League star has claimed that Manchester United’s Paul Pogba would do better if he was playing for Manchester City.

The Frenchman has been struggling in recent weeks and has had several disagreements with Jose Mourinho.

That is due to the player playing in a midfield two with Nemanja Matic, a position he is simply not comfortable with.

That has lead to several poor performances that have really hurt the club and reports have even suggested players have gone to Mourinho to address this.

Now, former Liverpool star Jamie Redknapp has claimed that Paul Pogba wouldn’t have these problems if he was at Manchester City.

Not only that, he would be one of the clubs star performers.

Speaking on Sky Sports, the pundit explained: “I’m not saying you need to pander to him but I don’t see a situation where Pep Guardiola would do that. If he was playing at Man City, he would be one of their star performers.

“I just don’t think that Jose Mourinho gets the best out of him.

“Pep’s the sort of manager who would bring him on, but with Mourinho, it almost feels like he’s taking him on. This isn’t a kid he’s dealing with, he’s one of the biggest assets in world football.

“Mourinho is asking for a war now with current players. With Pogba’s power in that dressing room, Mourinho has got to be very careful. I don’t see the benefit in upsetting one of your star players.”

‘Jose Mourinho has lost it at Man United’

It’s not been a great few months for Jose Mourinho but it’s all getting a bit much now.

The Portugese boss is getting criticism from all four corners of football and it doesn’t look like stopping.

Now, one report claims that the boss has ‘lost it’ at Old Trafford.

Click here to find out why. 

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February 14, 2018 at 08:22AM


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