Every NBA Contender’s Odds of Landing LeBron James in 2018 Free Agency

Something needs to fill the void left by the official end of the NBA trade season. And fortunately for us, LeBron James is slated for free agency this summer, which offers a nice outlet for our need to speculate and conspire.

Nobody should pretend they eat crystal-ball cereal for breakfast. James’ foray into free agency is a little less than a half-year away. A lot can happen between now and July 1, and despite a rotund rumor mill, he has not publicly tipped his hand one way or the other.

Still, this is Year 15 of the Association’s LeBron James experience. We have enough intel on his character and scouting reports on his priorities to make partially educated guesstimates at what he might do next.

Two things will stand out above everything: his ring count and his proximity to Michael Jordan in the greatest-of-all-time debate.

Going off these parameters, we can reasonably assume he won’t leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for a team that doesn’t guarantee him an immediate shot at contending for more titles. And that, naturally, leaves us to parse the NBA’s most serious championship hopefuls for possible landing spots. 

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via Bleacher Report – NBA http://ift.tt/yO6Sgr

February 13, 2018 at 10:23PM


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