Canada Olympic Speedskating 2018: Updated Team Schedule and Top Performers

Canada Olympic Speedskating 2018: Updated Team Schedule and Top Performers

Canada has picked up two medals for speedskating thus far in the 2018 Winter Olympics, and it will be hoping for more success as the tournament continues.

Ted-Jan Bloemen grabbed a silver in the men’s 5,000-meter event on Sunday, while Kim Boutin took bronze in the women’s short-track final.

With Canada involved in many more speedskating events still to come, the team will have the opportunity to win more medals yet.

Here is the live medal table:

Read on for a look at Bloemen and Boutin‘s success and the events in which they’ll hope for more, but first, here is the remaining schedule for Canada’s speedskating stars in Pyeongchang, South Korea, courtesy of the team’s official website (all times ET):


Thursday, Feb. 15

6 a.m. Men’s 10,000-meter speedskating


Friday, Feb. 16

6 a.m. Women’s 5,000-meter speedskating


Saturday, Feb. 17

5 a.m. Women’s 1,500-meter short-track heats

5:44 a.m. Men’s 1,000-meter short-track quarter-finals

6:13 a.m. Women’s 1,500-meter short-track semi-finals

6:43 a.m. Men’s 1,000-meter short-track semi-finals

7:05 a.m. Women’s 1,500-meter short-track final

7:21 a.m. Men’s 1,000-meter short-track final


Sunday, Feb. 18

6 a.m. Men’s team pursuit 8 laps quarterfinals

6:56 a.m. Women’s 500-meter speedskating


Monday, Feb. 19

6 a.m. Women’s team pursuit 6 laps quarterfinals

6:53 a.m. Men’s 500-meter speedskating


Tuesday, Feb. 20

5 a.m. Women’s 1,000-meter short-track heats

5:45 a.m. Men’s 500-meter short-track heats

6:29 a.m. Women’s 3,000-meter short-track relay final


Wednesday, Feb. 21

6 a.m. Women’s team pursuit 6 laps semifinals

6:22 a.m. Men’s team pursuit 8 laps semifinals

6:54 a.m. Women’s team pursuit 6 laps finals

7:13 a.m. Men’s team pursuit 8 laps finals


Thursday, Feb. 22

5 a.m. Men’s 500-meter short-track quarterfinals

5:14 a.m. Women’s 1,000-meter short-track quarterfinals

5:42 a.m. Men’s 500-meter short-track semifinals

5:51 a.m. Women’s 1,000-meter short-track semifinals

6:13 a.m. Men’s 500-meter short-track finals

6:23 a.m. Women’s 1,000-meter short-track finals

6:47 a.m. Men’s 5,000-meter short-track relay finals


Friday, Feb. 23

5 a.m. Men’s 1,000-meter speedskating


Saturday, Feb. 24

6 a.m. Women’s mass start 16 laps semifinals

6:45 a.m. Men’s mass start 16 laps semifinals

7:30 a.m. Women’s mass start 16 laps finals

8 a.m. Women’s mass start 16 laps finals


Kim Boutin

After being pushed off-balance by Qu Chunyu in her semifinal, Boutin was allowed to advance to the women’s 500-meter short-track final on Tuesday, leading to five competitors in the showpiece rather than four.

The 23-year-old only managed fourth in the final after Great Britain’s Elise Christie crashed out, but local favorite Choi Min-jeong—who finished second behind Arianna Fontana in a photo finishwas penalized, ensuring bronze for Boutin.

CBC Olympics shared the moment the Canadian realized she had earned a medal:

Boutin received congratulations from Canada’s prime minster Justin Trudeau for her effort:

However, in the aftermath of the victory, Boutin has been subjected to online abuse and death threats from angry fans on social media, per BBC Sport.

It won’t be easy, but Boutin will have to do her best to move past it as she still has three events remaining: the 1,500-meter short-track on Saturday and the 1,000-meter short-track and 3,000-meter relay on Tuesday.


Ted-Jan Bloemen

Bloemen lost out to Sven Kramer of the Netherlands on Sunday in the 5,000-meter but nevertheless earned his first Olympic medal when he collected silver.

It could scarcely have been closer between Bloemen and Sverre Lunde Pedersen of Norway for second place, though, per BBC Sport:

Bloemen‘s time was eventually revealed as six minutes, 11.616 seconds, while Pedersen finished in 6:11.618.

The Canadian is the world-record holder in both the 5,000-meter and the 10,000-meter events.

He wasn’t quite able to replicate his record performance in the former, but holding the record puts him in contention for a gold in the latter, which he’ll have a shot at on Thursday.

Bloemen will also be competing in the team pursuit, which begins on Sunday and concludes on Wednesday.

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February 14, 2018 at 11:06AM


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