Incredible stat regarding Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte

Incredible stat regarding Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte

Jose Mourinho vs Antonio Conte

It has been clear for some time that Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte aren’t exactly the best of friends.

Like so many managers in the past, Conte has been victimised by Mourinho in the media and the two have had a very public feud since Conte’s Chelsea beat Mourinho’s United 5-0 last season.

Mourinho was angry at Conte for celebrating when Chelsea scored their fifth as he felt it was disrespectful.

Mourinho even stated that he is ready for a ‘physical confrontation’ when the two sides meet again.

Conte described Mourinho as a ‘little man’ whilst the Portuguese manager has made fun of Conte’s hair transplants.

To sum up, the two don’t get on.

Who has a better recent record

Despite winning the Premier League title less than a year ago, Conte has come under serious pressure this season.

Chelsea are currently 4th in the table and in recent weeks, have suffered humiliating losses to Bournemouth, Watford and Arsenal.

Mourinho’s United are well and truly out of the title race as Manchester City currently have a 16 point lead over their rivals.

Many Chelsea fans and pundits have been calling for Antonio Conte to get the sack at Chelsea and the Italian will surely not be at the club for the beginning of next season.

Mourinho on the other hand was offered a contract extension by United.

Since November 2017, Chelsea have taken 34 points from 17 Premier League games, while Man Utd have taken 33 points.

Does that stat show that people are being too harsh on Antonio Conte or is Mourinho escaping the wrath of the press and the United fans unjustly?

United have lost their last two away games to Tottenham and Newcastle respectively and Mourinho hasn’t been too harshly criticised by any of the press.

The two teams meet on February 25th at Old Trafford in what promises to be a thoroughly entertaining encounter.

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February 13, 2018 at 11:07AM


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