Frank Reich: Every detail matters in building champion

Frank Reich: Every detail matters in building champion

Frank Reich: Every detail matters in building champion

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It came later than expected, but the Colts finally held a press conference to introduce their new head coach on Tuesday afternoon.

It’s Frank Reich and team owner Jim Irsay opened the proceedings by saying that Reich is a “perfect fit” despite the winding road that the Colts took to get to this point. General Manager Chris Ballard followed that up by saying that you don’t always get to pick how things happen, but “we do get to choose how we react” and feels the team reacted by hiring a leader with the right vision to busaidild a winner. 

Reich outlined his vision, which is structured around building a tough, disciplined, prepared and unified team. He also said that he learned from his experience with the Eagles that every part of the process matters when it comes to reaching their goals.

“It became clear that every person matters and every detail matters in building a championship culture,” Reich said. 

Reich told his agent at the start of the playoffs that he wouldn’t consider any head coaching opportunities so that he could focus on the Eagles’ playoff run. He said Tuesday that the experienced reinforced his belief that he needed to be totally focused on the task on hand and there were quite a few references to how things work out in the end when that’s the approach.

Another piece Reich plans to take from his Eagles experience is the collaborative nature of the coaching staff that was in place in Philadelphia. He confirmed he’ll call the offensive plays, as Doug Pederson does in Philadelphia, and said that the entire staff will be involved in putting together the game plan on a weekly basis.

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February 13, 2018 at 01:03PM


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