Houston Marathon 2018 Results: Men’s and Women’s Top Finishers

Houston Marathon 2018 Results: Men’s and Women’s Top Finishers


Nobody ran faster than Bazu Worku and Biruktayit Degefa in Houston on Sunday. 

The two runners, who are both from Ethiopia, paced the men’s and women’s fields during the 2018 Houston Marathon. Worku won the men’s side with a time of two hours, eight minutes and 30 seconds, while Degefa finished at two hours, 24 minutes and 51 seconds as the fastest woman.

The marathon congratulated them both on their showings:

Joe Gleason of ABC Houston shared a look at Worku crossing the finish line.

The rest of the men’s top 10 were as follows:

Yitayal Atnafu, Ethiopia     two hours, nine minutes and seven seconds

Elisha Barno, Kenya     two hours, nine minutes and 32 seconds

Jose Antonio Uribe, Mexico    two hours, 14 minutes and 45 seconds

Milton Rotich, Kenya      two hours, 15 minutes and one second

Wilkerson Given, United States    two hours, 15 minutes and 52 seconds

Tyler Jermann, United States     two hours, 16 minutes and 39 seconds

Zachary Hine, United States    two hours, 18 minutes and 33 seconds

Sage Canaday, United States    two hours, 19 minutes and 50 seconds

Mike Deren, United States     two hours, 19 minutes and 55 seconds


The women’s top finishers behind Degefa were as follows:

Belaynesh Oljira, Ethiopia    two hours, 24 minutes and 57 seconds

Melesech Tsegaye Beyene, Ethiopia    two hours, 27 minutes and 21 seconds

Gladys Kipsoi, Kenya     two hours, 27 minutes and 32 seconds

Tsehay Adhana, Ethiopia    two hours, 32 minutes and zero seconds

Veronicah Nyaruai Wanjiru, Kenya    two hours, 32 minutes and six seconds

Sarah Crouch, United States    two hours, 35 minutes and 22 seconds

Hiruni Wijayaratne, Sri Lanka    two hours, 36 minutes and 35 seconds

Cecilia Norrbom, Sweded    two hours, 39 minutes and 18 seconds

Polina Carlson, United States    two hours, 39 minutes and 43 seconds


The event’s official website provided a course map, which took runners from the starting line near the Houston Astros’ Minute Maid Park, through Rice University and much of the city before ending near Minute Maid Park as well.

The website noted there were more than 200,000 spectators in attendance, and Miya Shay of ABC Houston found one who is surely familiar to sports fans across the country:

While the marathon was the primary event, history was made in the half marathon on Sunday.

According to FloTrack, Molly Huddle set the American record for a half marathon at 67 minutes and 25 seconds, which was nine seconds faster than Deena Kastor’s mark that stood for 12 years.

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January 14, 2018 at 08:44AM


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