Bengals get pick-six, but Ravens answer

Bengals get pick-six, but Ravens answer

Bengals get pick-six, but Ravens answer


Joe Flacco threw a pick-six, but it wasn’t his fault.

Chris Moore, who had an 87-yard kickoff return to a set up a 6-yard touchdown reception he had from Flacco at the end of the first half, tried to run before he secured a catch in the third quarter. Moore bobbled the ball several times before watching it land in the hands of Darqueze Dennard.

The Bengals cornerback returned it 89 yards for a touchdown, giving the Bengals a 24-10 lead with 10:17 remaining in the third quarter.

It ruined the Ravens’ best drive of the day as they took the second-half kickoff and marched to the Cincinnati 22.

Baltimore did answer after the pick-six, though, going for it on fourth-and-three after reaching the Cincinnati 17. Alex Collins started left and found nowhere to go, reversed course and scored with 6:16 left in the third quarter.

The Bengals still lead 24-17, but the Ravens, having found something offensively, seem to have grabbed the momentum.

NFL News

via ProFootballTalk

December 31, 2017 at 03:48PM


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