Jaguars are full of bologna

Jaguars are full of bologna

Jaguars are full of bologna

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Doug Marrone loves him some bologna. Here’s hoping the rest of the Jaguars do, too.

The Beef Checkoff and National Hot Dog and Sausage Council found a way to get some free marketing off Marrone’s bologna obsession, announcing it will deliver 100 logs of Boar’s Head beef bologna to EverBank Field on Wednesday. Every coach and player will get a log, which weighs 3.5 pounds, meaning 350 pounds of bologna are headed the Jaguars’ way.

That’s a lot of bologna.

The Jaguars coach revealed his love affair with bologna after his team’s overtime victory over the Chargers on Nov. 12. His celebratory meal is a bologna and cheese sandwich — regular or fried — with a glass of milk. Of course, he eats the same thing after a loss.

“I just love it. I love it,” Marrone said last week, via Michael DiRocco of ESPN. “I bet you I can be the bologna-eating champion of the world. I bet you I’ve eaten more bologna than anyone in this world.”

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via ProFootballTalk

December 5, 2017 at 07:06PM


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