Josh McCown thinking about another year with Jets

Josh McCown thinking about another year with Jets

Josh McCown thinking about another year with Jets

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We all thought the tank invasion of the Meadowlands would happen on the Jets side of MetLife Stadium.

Then again, we didn’t think Eli Manning was going to be the old quarterback being benched, either.

So when it comes to the question of Josh McCown‘s future with the Jets, we’ve firmly entered “why not?” territory, and he admitted he’s thinking about the possibility of another run.

“When you feel like you’ve been chasing this level you believe you can play at for a long time, and you start to feel like you’re scratching the surface of that and doing some of those things and settling into a system that you like, it’s hard to just go, ‘Yeah man, I’ll be done,’ ” McCown said, via Greg Joyce of the New York Post. “But at the same time, if you are going to be done, it’s nice to be able to say you played your best ball at the end. So we’ll see.”

The 38-year-old McCown has been far more than a placeholder this year. He’s kept Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty glued firmly to the bench, and he’s exceeded every expectation for a team that’s done the same. So as he approaches his first full 16-game season as a starter, it’s natural for him to consider the possibility.

“I love being in this system,” McCown said. “It would just be fun to play in a system for two years in a row. I would love to see where I could take that.”

He said he wanted to talk to his family this offseason to see if he wanted to keep playing, but the idea has to be tempting. He signed a one-year contract, and his play this year and his reputation as a positive influence in a locker room will likely keep him employed, somewhere, if he wants to keep going.

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November 30, 2017 at 03:30AM



  • I saw Josh at the Waxahachie HS basketball game and I was told he live in Waxahachie. That he moved here last year. I now know that it was Jon Kitna that talked him into moving here. Jon Kitna was the high school football coach but resigned this month saying he was retiring. Maybe Josh will interview for the position. He wants his family to grow roots and this being their home for the future.
    Both Kitna McCowan have boys in high school.


  • From what I have read about Josh, he would be a great coach. He is a great family man and loves working with kids.


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